cafe ads

When Even Cafes Start to Sell Out

My morning trip to the local cafe was an absolute necessity. Without it there was no way I could stay awake, communicate with other people, or generally be a useful and functioning member of this thing we call ‘society.’

Every day I would be greeted by some lovely people who would invariably all remember my usual order, and they would have it ready before I could blink. Although, at that time of the morning I was doing more yawning than blinking anyway.

While I waited I would simply enjoy the aroma emanating from the place, as well as peruse the newspapers strewn on the table and the cafe ads plastered on the walls. The ads were usually for the latest art exhibition on in the city, or a theatre or music performance that was just around the corner. I was able to find out about some great acts while I was waiting for my morning coffee.

But on this particular morning I had noticed a distinct change in the type of cafe ads I was seeing adorning the walls. There were ads for all manner of things. I saw car ads and house ads, I saw furniture ads and gardening supply ads. I even saw retail ads and ads for all manner of services.

But without a doubt, the strangest ad that I saw was also the most prominent. Is was one for cough syrup. It was bigger and bolder than any of the others, and it was placed firmly in the middle of all the others.

Finally, I decided, I had to ask them about it. They told me that people would pay them to put up their ads and, that like anywhere else, they needed to make a living. I told them I understood, but also had to question the cough syrup ad and its prominence.

“They paid us the most,” he said. Apparently when people think of coffee, they also think of cough syrup. It’s all in the ‘coff,’” he said.