Handy items to have in your truck

Life on the road can be tough for a trucker, so having your creature comforts close at hand while you’re away from home can help. If you’re new to trucking, or would like to update your “inside the cab” inventory, here is a list of the the most arguably popular items that trucker’s need during their trips. Many truck driving schools run classes for drivers so that they have some information on while their career. Lot of HR licence holders have their own list of things that they would like to have with them while they are driving. Here is the list of things that you should consider:

Slow cooker

Living in a confined space without a regular kitchen means most truckers rely on fast food to sustain them. Having a slow cooker can change this, and help you incorporate healthy, wholesome meals that will cost you a lot less in the long run.


Of course if you’re in a rush, and waiting for the slow cooker to have your stew ready is not a viable  option, then you can opt for a microwave. There are many mini microwaves on the market now, so it won’t be hard to find a versatile model that will suit the measurements of your cab. Make sure that for any electrical items such as the slow cooker or microwave, that you have a good quality power inverter handy so you can plug your appliance in.

Hands free talk device

Safety comes first, so having a hands-free talk device will be a useful tool to have for the modern day trucker. If a loved one urgently needs to contact you, it’ll be easy for you to get into contact without getting behind in your schedule.

Truck-enabled GPS

Handy if you need truck-specific data and directions. Make sure to keep it updated regularly by connecting it to a computer with internet and using the included app to keep maps accurate.

Disposable urinal

As much as it sounds like a gag item, most truckers will appreciate what a wonderful invention this is. No longer will you have to rely on those empty plastic water bottles!


If you’re an avid reader, but you don;t have room to lug your novel collection in the cab, then a kindle is for you. Texts can be instantly downloaded directly from Amazon, so you can keep a neat collection of digital books all in the one place. You can choose from the small and compact Kindle, the best-selling KindlePaperWhite or for the more technologically advanced – the KindleVoyage.

All purpose tool kit

Having a tool kit on hand will save you a lot of time when a mechanical situation arises. It’s easy to find a versatile tool kit for a good price these days – we found a 176 piece tool kit going for $40 at Bunnings! Though if you’re looking for a top-of-the-notch kit then a 264 piece metric and AF tool chest can go up to $1999. It is better to try and aim for a compact size, so you have enough room in the cab for other essentials.

Heated seat cushion/Massager

Winter is approaching, and long hauls in the bitter cold ain’t that fun. Keep yourself toasty warm with a heated seat cover. For an added physical benefit, combine the seat cover with a massage cushion to help soothe an aching back after a long day’s work.

Other handy items to keep in your cab include polarised sunglasses to protect your eyes, mini fridge to keep stock of fresh produce, a radiant heater for extra warmth while you sleep, a dash cam to make sure any accidents or incidents are on record, and a Flat screen TV/Blu-Ray Combo for those nights when you want to wind down with a movie.

Having these items within reach during your long hauls will provide a greater peace of mind and the feeling of comfort while you’re away from home.